Xiao Xuewen Meets with Yuzhong District Governor

Liu Qiang, secretary of Yuzhong district, Wang Fuqing, Governor of Yuzhong District paid a visit to CISDI on March 24, 2010. Chairman & Party Secretary of CISID Xiao Xuewen met with the guests.

Xiao Xuewen briefed the strategic plan and operating situation of CISDI in recent years. He pointed out that CISDI had made much progress with the government¡¯s energetic support. CISDI will be rooted in Yuzhong District of Chongqing, promote the structural transformation and internationalize development, in order to achieve much more contribution to Chongqing and committed to being a well-respected and preferred international engineering company.

Zhang Hongchuan, Director of Architecture & Municipal Engineering Institute of CISDI made a report on the layout of the core area of Yuzhong innovation industry park.

Liu Qiang congratulated to CISDI¡¯S achievement and gave a commendation to the leadership, expecting CISDI to play more active role in the local economy. He assured that the district government will do its best to support CISDI¡¯s development.

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