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Based on the process flow of industrial furnaces, CISDI Industrial Furnace Co. Ltd. has developed well-proven EIC integrated control system solution to provide seamless multi-discipline design and technical service for the automation system from conceptual design, system design, equipment design, software development (including control model), construction drawing design, system integration till on-site commissioning, which is applicable not only for straight carbon steel but also for stainless steel and silicon steel.

Main Control functions of L1

  • Fuzzy control of furnace temperature
  • Decoupling control of furnace temperature
  • Feedforward control of furnace temperature
  • Pulse control of furnace temperature
  • Regenerative control of furnace temperature
  • Master-slave control of furnace temperature
  • Interval control of furnace temperature
  • Auto slab positioning control
  • Small charging clearance control

The temperature control of reheating furnace is a typical dynamic distribution system featuring multi-input multi-output, non-linear and strong coupling. Auto combustion control model of reheating furnace is intended for slab discharging temperature control, which will require the slabs inside the furnace to move in correspondence to the operation pacing and reach the desired discharging temperature with the highest energy efficiency. CISDI Industrial Furnace Co. Ltd. has developed proprietary reheating furnace model through practice and innovation, which has been highly recognized by the customers.

Main control models of process automation system

  • Combustion control model for walking beam reheating furnace
  • Combustion control model for roller hearth heat treatment furnace
  • Combustion control model for rotary hearth furnace
  • Combustion control model for tower furnace in continuous strip galvanizing line
  • Combustion control model for car hearth furnace

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