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Walking beam reheating furnace is currently the most leading and most widely used reheating furnace in rolling mills. CISDI Industrial Furnace, being among those acquired the walking beam reheating furnace technology at the earliest in China, has got a firm foothold at home and abroad due to its good expertise, technical innovation and wide experiences in EPC supply. Ever since its establishment, it has designed over 80 walking beam reheating furnaces which have been put into operation successfully.


- Applicable for various steel grades including carbon steel, stainless steel and silicon steel

- Walking mechanism designed with rolling wheeled ramp, electric eccentric wheel and crank rod

- Implemented with patented burners

- Implemented with proprietary efficiency recuperator and regenerative burners for full recovery of waste heat from offgas

- Continuous control or pulse control for combustion

- Implemented with proprietary L2 computer control model for reheating furnace

- Well-proven L1/L2 control system

- Latest energy-efficiency and environmental protection devices

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