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CISDI Industrial Furnace Co. Ltd. is a leading engineering company specialized in energy-efficiency & environmental protection, engineering design, product development and EPC supply in thermal field. As the fully-owned subsidiary of CISDI Engineering Co. Ltd. (CISDI) which has been ranked top five among all survey & engineering companies in China in terms of business revenue since 2000, CISDI Industrial Furnace Co. Ltd. boasts a team of highly qualified professionals in both engineering and project management. With fifty years of experience in industrial thermal sector, it is in a good position to provide project consulting, engineering design, product development, EPC supply, EP supply and technological integration for various industrial furnaces, and to supply its proprietary energy-efficiency and environmental protection equipment.

With wide engineering experience, unremitting technical innovation and successful services to key steel complex in China (including Baosteel, WISCO, Angang, Heibei Steel, TISCO, Hualing Steel, Anyang Steel and Panzhihua Steel), CISDI Industrial Furnace Co. Ltd. has secured its leading position in thermal sector of steel industry due to its distinctive technical advantages and abundant management experiences.

With its global strategy, CISDI Industrial Furnace has provided industrial furnace engineering design and EP services for Brazil, Spain, Iran and Japan.

With its commitment to becoming a leading engineering services provider for the entire lift cycle of industrial furnace projects, CISDI Industrial Furnace is sharpening its edge for a respectable company that is learning-motivated, open-minded and innovation-oriented.

CISDI Industrial Furnace has long-standing exchange and cooperation with renowned universities and key steel producers in China, which allows it to have good knowledge of the latest customer demand, industrial shifts and trends and application technologies. With great efforts in both integration and innovation, CISDI Industrial Furnace has developed its core technology to promote the process, equipment and control technology.

In line with its philosophy of "Elaborate Engineering, Scientific Management, Integral Services, Customer Satisfaction, People-Oriented and Continuous Improvement", CISDI Industrial Furnace is ready to serve the global clients in thermal sector during the entire project lift cycle.

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